Why Should You

outsource your HR?

  • We created NewtonFirst to provide an excellent first class business service to companies, the services we are providing are now grouped into packages, tailored exactly as clients require, and include experienced, committed solicitors and HR Mentors. In an area where law constantly changes, where new legislation constantly develops, and where a business must stay compliant, our services ensure that your company is legally protected and supported.

Frees up time to concentrate on business growth

Grievances, disciplinary actions and managing sickness rates are just a few internal issues that have the potential to take up a huge amount of your time and distract you from your businesses main goals and objectives. By outsourcing your HR to NewtonFirst today, you can free up that time and focus your time and energy on sales, marketing and business growth.

Reduces internal risk factors

If you feel that your organisation lacks the necessary experience and capabilities to provide the required high standard of HR support and advice needed, then outsourcing to NewtonFirst makes the most sense

Financially beneficial

Having a dedicated in-house HR can be costly especially where there may be no need, but by using an outsourced company like NewtonFirst, you will have premium support at economical prices.

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