Your answers indicate that your current HR Processes are going very well. That said there remains room for improvement in order to develop your HR strategy into a robust and effective tool.

    Your answers indicate that you are exposed to high levels of risk and your HR function needs reviewed as a matter of urgency. One of our Mentors will be in touch to discuss your answers and your options.

      #1. Do you have contracts of employment which have been reviewed within the past year?

      There are roughly 16 changes to employment law legislation each year in legislation, however this doesn’t account for the high volumes of case law that we see which also influences and impacts on how we operate. All employees have the statutory right tp recieve a statement of particulars within 8 weeks of thier commencement date.

      #2. Do you have any employee handbook which is specific to your workplace and includes all relevant policies

      It is important that each workplace has policies and procedures in place that are specific to them and covernot only the legal complainace but also, your vision, values and “your way” of doing things.

      #3. Have you considered a no-deal Brexit strategy to help your current and future European workers?

      With brexit looming it is vital that the company begings the process of helping staff attain settled and non setted status and making sure that they retain their rights to work and live in the UK. In addition to this employers should consider the for process hiring european workers in the future without being discriminatory in thier practices.

      #4. Have you reference checked all employees and carried out any other relevant background checks?

      it no secret that employees should have all relevant background and references prior to strated a job and any offer should be conditional based on these being satisfactory. There are many risks which your business may be exposed to should you chose to overlook this step.

      #5. Are you fully aware of your obligations under GDPR and how to manage and maintain this?

      We are starting to see the first fines coming in to play for GDPR since its implementatio in may this year. Despite the run up to GDPR most companies remian unaware of the full scope of the regulations and what they have to do to reamin compliant.

      #6. Does the company have an engagement startegy in place in order to retain the best staff and create a happier workplace?

      Enagagement is a massively important topic that many companies are still overlooking, can you really afford to have an unhappy workforce? Low productivity? High turnover rates? High absence? If not then a proper engagement strategy could be they answer.

      #7. Does the company have a performance management system in place that also has scope to manage its effectiveness?

      perfomance management and the implementation of KPI’s is an important tool in driving your business forward, it helps to benchamrk and review the areas that you need to focus on.

      #8. Does the company monitor its staff turnover rates against industry standards?

      Some indutstried have naturally high turnover, the main two that come to mind are the hospitality and care industries with typical turnover rates sitting at the 60% mark. If your turnover rates are higher than your competitors then there may be a need to investigate why this is the case.

      #9. Does the company offer a benefits package to its employees (flexi-time, enhanced sick pay, gym memberships, bday off etc)

      Benefits can be hugely motivational for employees and aid your retention rates. Attracting the best talent can also be difficult if the business isnt able to offer competitive salaries, however a basic benefots package could do the tricl

      #10. Does the company have a full induction and on-boarding process for new employees?

      the moment somoene walks into your business they need to get a feel for how things are done, what the company is about and how their work is going to matter. Often induction processes are overlooked with new starters and can lead to them failing probation, you have to get them off to the best start. the induction and probation period should be structured and fair

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