Group Interview Tips

There is only one thing more nerve-wracking than a job interview, and that’s a group interview! Group interviews have become more common over the past few years and can be a daunting prospect if you have never taken part in one before.

There are a few types of group interviews, including:-

-A group interview, followed by a one-to-one interview
-Group discussions
-Group activities

Sometimes a group interview can encompass a little of each of these things. Companies may choose to conduct group interviews for a number of different reasons, which could include:

-More time efficient
-Cost effective
-Useful when a high volume of staff are needed
-Can compare candidates quickly
-Most importantly, group interviews are usually carried out to get a sense of your teamwork and problem solving skills. Working well with others in the work place is vital to all jobs, so it’s important that an employer knows that you are able to perform these tasks.

Handy tips

Arrive early
This is true for all interviews, however, you don’t want to be the last one turning up out of a group of people! It won’t look great and you definitely don’t want to keep people waiting.

At one point during your interview, you will probably be asked to introduce yourself to the room, maybe stating your name and where you come from or why you would like to work for the company. Whatever it is, just make sure to have something prepared so you aren’t left stumbling over your words, you don’t want to seem nervous or under prepared!

Don’t speak over others
During group discussions or activities it is important to remember not to dominate the conversation. Being confident is a benefit in interviews, however you want to let others talk. The interviewer may see this as excessive and that you might not take other opinions on board. While it’s important to get your point across, just remember to let others have their say too.

Remember to speak!
While it’s important not to dominate the conversation, you must also remember to actually involve yourself in the conversation too! Group discussions and activities are nerve wracking, especially when you’ve never met any of the other interviewees before, however it’s very important to contribute to the group chat, the interviewer will notice if you don’t and may think you’re not assertive enough for the role.

Do your research
Whatever company you are interviewing for, make sure you have done some research on it. For example, when it was established, any awards they have won, their customer or client base or anything else you can think of. Although these questions may not appear during your interview, it’s better to be prepared and will show that you have an interest in the company.

Have some questions of your own
At the end of the interview you may be asked if you have any questions so make sure you have at least one prepared. You don’t want to end up interviewing your interviewer, however if you have a valid question then there is no harm in asking it.

There is no set format for any group interview, but the most important part to remember is to stay calm and focused, listen to what is being said and do your best at taking part in any tasks they give you. Good luck!

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