Tips and Advice for Writing a Good Job Description

During the recruitment process, it’s a good idea to make the job description as detailed as possible; this gives you a better chance at attracting the best applications possible. A job description and the required specifications are usually the main body of text that creates a job ad, so it pays off to spend some time making sure it looks and sounds good, while conveying the correct message.

What should a job description contain?

Job title
Specific role and department within the company
Who the role reports to / what team you will be working with
Responsibilities expected
Job role objectives
Career progression opportunities
Previous experience
Required training
Skills able to bring to the role
How the company and office functions, overall atmosphere and culture

What to avoid?

Stick to using recognised language and not becoming over technical, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Unrealistic Expectations:
Create an accurate representation of what’s on offer. It’s a waste of both yours and the candidates time if it doesn’t suit the both of you.

Discriminating Language:
While this is an obvious point, using certain words or terms can be seen as discriminating and offend, as well as limiting the number of people who may want to apply.

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