3 Top Ways to Maximise Your Job Search

Job searching can be a daunting and time consuming task, not to mention stressful! However, we have put together 3 top tips that will help improve your search and find the right job for you!

Grow Your LinkedIn
Keep your LinkedIn up to date! This is one of the strongest networking tools that you can use when looking for a job and staying up to date with what’s happening. You can follow companies you want to work for to find out if they have any available opportunities, as well as industry specific groups to search for the right roles that suit you.

Utilise Your Social Media
Get social! It’s important to keep your social media profiles looking professional, while giving a good representation of yourself. A lot of employers will look up candidates by viewing their online profiles, so make sure all your profiles are looking good.

Use Your Existing Network
It’s unlikely that you will not know anyone that may be able to help you out. Get in touch will friends, family, colleagues you have worked with, or even past employers – someone might have heard of a current opportunity on the go. Even if nothing comes from it, you have tried and can now check it off your list. Once people know you’re looking, they will most likely let you know if they hear of something.

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