Top Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Many companies will often conduct phone interviews before inviting you in for a face-to-face interview. Although you may not have to get dressed up and make your way to an office, you still must be ready for the same types of questions and display the same professional manner. Here are five ways to ensure your telephone interview goes well!

Make Sure You Have a Good Phone Signal
It may be more beneficial to use a landline if possible, as sometimes mobile phones can be more likely to use signal. However, if it’s not possible to use a landline, make sure you are in a specific area or room where the signal is good and you can hear clearly. You don’t want to be asking them to repeat themselves constantly and vice versa. Moving around while on the phone is fine; just try not too move away too far from a good signal spot!

Prepare Your Notes
It’s crucial to prepare for all interviews and a phone interview is no different. Make sure you have your notes in front of you and any job spec details that you may need to reference during your interview. Maybe have a glass of water to hand as well.

No Interruptions
The last thing you need during an interview is distractions! Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent and, if you live with anyone, let them know that you need some time for your interview.

Take Notes
This is one of the few times in an interview setting that you are able to take notes, so take advantage of it. Have a pen and paper to hand and write down anything you might forget or any important information, e.g. date and time of a second interview, duties of the role, any important numbers etc.

Have at Least One Question To Ask
This is a great opportunity to find out a bit more about the position you’ve applied for. This also shows you are interested in the role and not just applying for any job that comes along. The interviewer will most likely appreciate any questions you may have.

There are many other elements that make for a good phone interview and just like any other interview, preparation is key! Be polite, sound professional and keep an engaging tone. Good luck!

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